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Clockify for time tracking

This software helps you keep track of all your time and gives you an insight into your performance in terms of productivity. You can track time automatically or add it manually. After you’ve finished tracking time, you’ll be able to conclude whether you’re productive, or spend too much time on trivial activities. Clockify allows you […]

Slack – communication and collaboration

Slack is a set of collaboration tools and services, where you can easily communicate with all your team members. You can create different channels for different projects and topics, and then invite all the relevant people to join these channels. Then, you can send each other texts, images, videos and other important files. Slack is […]

Top 20 tools for online productivity

Here is a list of 20 best productivity tools we love and use: Slack – communication and collaboration tool Clockify – time tracking software Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides) – file synchronization service Google Alerts – content change detector Dropbox – file hosting service Google Calendar – online calendar Streak for Gmail – Email manager […]