Formidable Forms

A WordPress plugin: Formidable Forms! I’m using their form builder in combination with “views” and their API to build a web app that I can include as part of my membership site.


Right now, I LOVE buffer. I have a 9-5 so being able to schedule posts that still have a personal touch to them is golden grin emoticon   Have you tried Edgar or Hootsuite – if so, why do you like Buffer better?   [name] hello ! I have tried Hootsuite. I still use it actually. […]


I’ve been using Canva ( to develop web graphics and banners… it’s simple, easy to use, and free!!


ConvertKit! – just switched from Mailchimp which was a huge no brainer now that I look back on it. Wrote all about it in a comprehensive blog post and building out a resource for those interested. 🙂


Slack, slack, slack. I have a team of 8 people working with me and we are all over the world now that one of our team members moved to Korea! None of us live in the same state and that app has been a lifesaver!